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Digital marketing consultancy services for SMEs

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Do you need digital marketing support from an experienced specialist in SME growth?

Are you overwhelmed by digital marketing? Are you worried that you’re not doing the right thing? Maybe you know how to use various digital platforms but you’re not seeing any satisfactory results when it comes to revenue and sales?

Digital marketing is something that won’t waste any time eating up your budgets if your business doesn’t have the right expertise to plan, execute, control and measure a well-researched and highly-targeted digital marketing strategy. 

That’s why it’s important to invest in experience if you want to fulfil the potential of your business to sell and attract new customers online.

Digital Marketing Consultant - Jamie Ralph

Let’s face it – there’s SO much to digital marketing. It takes digital marketing professionals years and years to become highly skilled at what they do. Even then, there’s no one-fix solution or a magic strategy that will definitely bring sales in. 

But there are plenty of practices that should be avoided and pitfalls that can damage your business as it grows.

Most small businesses have trouble deciding what marketing tactics and platforms should be prioritised so they try a little bit of ‘everything’. That can lead to disappointment when sales don’t start flooding in.

With a lack of direction, strategy, customer knowledge and planning, it will be difficult to achieve digital marketing success. 

Some common questions I receive include:

  • Is my website SEO optimised?
  • Why are we not ranking on Google?
  • What social networks should my business be on?
  • Why doesn’t anyone engage with our content?
  • How do we start selling online?

Drop me a message if you need answers.

As a digital marketing consultant who works with SMEs to grow online, I can make sure your company stays on the right track. 

Selling online is no longer the future of business growth. It’s the present and the now. 

How can a digital marketing consultant help your business?

I can help your business stay focused on its objectives and goals by working with you to develop a highly targeted and defined digital marketing strategy. Using my experience, I’ll review your current digital marketing practices and suggest changes, improvements or new practices that are results-focused. I can help you to:

  • Choose a digital marketing strategy for your business
  • Create a digital marketing plan that targets high-potential customers online
  • Develop marketing personas 
  • Design a digital marketing sales funnel that nurtures your leads from awareness to action
  • Define your buyers and discover where they can be found online
  • Find solutions to your digital marketing headaches
  • Focus on content marketing that ranks and converts
  • Start selling online
  • Control your marketing budget to ensure optimum ROI

If your needs are not covered above, don’t worry. You decide what you need and we’ll work together to come up with a plan of action that’s right for your company. 

Do you feel like your company could do with a marketing ‘big brother’ to keep an eye on how your business is engaging with digital and make sure you are not being led astray? When I first started working as a digital marketing consultant, I realised there were countless SMEs out there who were entering the world of digital marketing without knowing what success looks like or how it can be achieved. Having worked with companies in various sectors who experienced both success and failure in digital marketing, I want to help SMEs to recognise red flags while also being confident in their journey to increase online sales. As a digital marketing mentor, I can:

  • Advise your business on its approach to digital marketing
  • Highlight what digital marketing channels are your customers are engaging with
  • Objectively review and suggest improvements to your current marketing practices
  • Suggest digital marketing tools or software that might help
  • Share marketing insights and tactics that have worked for other companies in the past 
  • Review how marketing budgets are spent to ensure the best ROI

I mentor business owners, entrepreneurs, senior leaders and marketing professionals and mentorship services can be delivered remotely or in-person. 

As an outsourced digital marketing specialist, I offer a range of digital marketing services to SMEs who may not have the resources or budgets to recruit a full-time marketing team. These services include:

  • Social Media Management and Content Creation
  • SEO Copywriting and Blogs
  • E-mail Marketing
  • SEO Reviews and Audits
  • Graphic Design
  • Google Ads and PPC Management
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

Drop me a message if your business needs practical support with growing its audience and sales using digital marketing tactics. 

I have experience contributing to panel discussions, delivering keynote speeches and appearing on podcasts to discuss digital marketing. If you are looking for a speaker who can share insights on achieving successful business outcomes using various digital marketing tactics and practices, let’s have a chat

My key interests include digital marketing planning and strategy, developing personas and targeting customers, segmented e-mail marketing automation and using Twitter for brand growth. 

Looking to improve your company’s digital marketing skills or learn a new tool that can help your business gain an edge on competitors? I deliver digital marketing training and masterclasses to help equip SMEs with the skills to attract and convert customers online.

Contact me to chat about a bespoke digital marketing training programme for your business. Training programmes cover topics such as:

  • How To Create An Integrated Digital Marketing Plan
  • Ranking on Google and The Basics of SEO
  • E-mail Marketing: Segmentation and Automation
  • Increasing Web Traffic with Content Marketing
  • Google Adwords: Keyword Research and Optimising Ad Copy

Digital Marketing Results

Digital Marketing Results

Not every marketing campaign works. Any genuine honest marketer will tell you that. Along the way, we become familiar with strategies and initiatives that have the potential to be successful if used correctly but there’s no magic recipe. Your marketing should be judged on KPIs and have assigned metrics that allow you to  understand how your business can fully exploit the power of digital marketing.

Here are my top three achievements in digital marketing:

  • Developed an integrated digital marketing plan that grew sales by 7% for a business in the tourism industry, helping to reach revenues of €3million for the first time ever.

  • Increased an e-mail list by 111% in one year, from 9000 subscribers to 19000 subscribers using landing pages, pop-up forms, CTAs and automation.

  • Built a community of Twitter followers from 0 to 13,000 in less than three years. The Twitter account became a valuable sales channel for clothing apparel. 

Ready to start growing your revenue?

Drop me a message below and let’s have a chat about your company’s digital marketing aspirations. You can also reach out to me on LinkedIn.